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Year 5 Moving On

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Free Teachers Guide can be downloaded from the Dotcomcf.org website.

Year 5, Moving On, a transition from year 6 to year 7.

This journal was developed to help children with the transition to secondary school. Dot is in year 5 and is worried about going to secondary school. She has ginger hair and wears glasses and often gets bullied because of her appearance. Dot learns not to get upset by these comments and to realise that what's inside a person is more important.  

The journal teaches children that we are all different, how to get on with others, how to respond to pressure from friends, what happens if a friend asks them to keep an unsafe secret. It covers fear, crime, weapons, changing school, organising free time, positive thinking, and being responsible. It also looks at issues of bereavement, bullying, social media, making decisions, speaking out, and resolving disputes.

It also contains a story called 'Visiting Dad', which features the characters Ben and Becky whose dad is in prison.

Year 5 Moving On
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  • Year 5 Moving On
  • Year 5 Moving On