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Year 5/6 Values Versus Violence

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Free Teachers Guide can be downloaded from the Dotcomcf.org website.

Year 5/6 Values Versus Violence

This journal was developed as part of an EU funded programme across five European countries. A bespoke package was created with support from the Birmingham Community Safety Partnership to meet the needs of local schools following research by police with teachers and children. Head teachers and parents were concerned at the gang and knife culture emerging in their community and wanted a way to protect their children from the risks.

In this journal children are given the opportunity to explore positive and negative values and realise that their values and beliefs, while often influenced by others, are theirs alone to choose. 

Values education is critical for children as violent subcultures promise young people excitement and status as well as an honour system. However it is vital to challenge the distorted values of these cultures  and for children to learn that these things can be achieved safely through other means. For example, it asks whether carrying a weapon really is a good strategy for staying safe.

To embed the messages delivered within this journal Police Community Support Officers have received the training enabling them to support teaching staff with the delivery of the programme.

Year 5/6 Values Versus Violence
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  • Year 5/6 Values Versus Violence
  • Year 5/6 Values Versus Violence