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Year 4 Making the Best of Me

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Free Teachers Guide can be downloaded from the Dotcomcf.org website.

Year 4 Making the Best of Me - Rainbow

The inspiration for this journal came from Nelson Mandela who grew up pursuing his dream of becoming South Africa's first black President. Nelson Mandela was know as the Rainbow Man because he believed in a 'rainbow nation' where people of all colours and religions lived together. Dot writes a diary about things that she thinks will help her make the best of herself as well as seeking the best for others.

The Rainbow journal communicates to children how to feel positive about themselves and how we should respect others. It covers love, fear, money, possessions, and the importance of gratitude. It covers the question 'why do I need to go to school?' and encourages children to look after their health and avoid illegal drugs.

Year 4 Making the Best of Me
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  • Year 4 Making the Best of Me
  • Year 4 Making the Best of Me