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Year 3 This is My Adventure

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Free Teachers Guide can be downloaded from the Dotcomcf.org website.

Year 3, This is my Adventure

This journal introduces Dot's friends and family as well as other adults that she can turn to, especially in emergency sitituations. Children have a right to be safe all the time. This journal helps develop emotional vocabulary and safe language. Children learn that they can talk with someone about anything even if it seems unimportant or feels awful. Feelings are simply feelings, but behaviour is a choice which has effects and consequences.

The journal encourages discussing sensitive issues and looks at early signs of danger, feeling safe and who we can tell.  It also covers dreams, being different, living together, values and money, keeping our body clean, dealing with anger, secrets and social media. The journal enables them to record their achievements and reinforces that they are valuable and unique.

Year 3 This is My Adventure
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  • Year 3 This is My Adventure
  • Year 3 This is My Adventure