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Year 2 Rory & Jasmine meet Dot Com

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Free Teachers Guide can be downloaded from the Dotcomcf.org website.

Year 2 Rory & Jasmine -  RAJ2 Upper Years

This journal is about two siblings called Rory aged 6 and Jasmine aged 5. They have different fathers and Rory's father is a soldier serving away. Dot is their older school friend who looks out for them in the playground. Rory and Jasmine both trust Dot. Dots understand their feelings and encourages Rory and Jasmin to talk to an adult about their problems, no matter how small or awful they seem to be.

In this version for upper years, Dot and her dog Wizard go on a secret adventure using the magical place of the internet where anything is possible.

This journal is designed to help children learn how to recognise and examine their feelings, both negative and positive. It helps them to think about what makes them feel special and proud of themselves, as well as considering the choices they make and the consequences of these choices. It also discusses secrets and surprises and teaches that not all secrets are safe. The journal also enables them to record their achievements and reinforces that they are valuable and unique.

Year 2 Rory & Jasmine meet Dot Com
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  • Year 2 Rory & Jasmine meet Dot Com
  • Year 2 Rory & Jasmine meet Dot Com