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Getting to Know You journal

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Free Teachers Guide can be downloaded from the Dotcomcf.org website.

The journal is used with a child as a one on one communication support. It has been used within social skills groups or where a child is on a child protection register or to support a case review.

Learning Objectives

Children will understand what makes them Special

Children will understand the importance of self-belief.

Children to understand that feelings are just feelings

Children to understand the concept of safety and be able to link this to their own personal safety.

Children to be able to create a support network

Children to understand the roles of the emergency services.


Teachers comment,"I used the journal with a child who came to the school during mid-term. His behaviour was a problem and he was saying nasty things. After a short time of using this journal after registration, his attitude and behaviour completely changed. I asked him why this was and he said, 'Miss , it's because I had taken time to get to know him and he really like me for that."

Getting to Know You journal
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  • Getting to Know You journal
  • Getting to Know You journal